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Imagine having to track five or even a hundred subscriptions! Sounds like a nightmare, right? That’s why Smart Pays - a subscription tracking genius- is a dream come true.

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Cancel those pesky subscriptions that you don’t need before they drain your wallet!


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The one platform to seamlessly manage all your subscriptions and stay organized!

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We know that tracking subscriptions can be a real headache sometimes. That’s why we created a user-friendly, highly-responsive, and reliable platform that gets the job done in less than a minute. Talk about time-efficiency! Here’s how you get your reminders set, subscriptions tracked, and money saved!

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At a single glance, you can track, manage, and review all information regarding your subscriptions! Here are the essentials that we offer:

  • On the dashboard, you’ll see all the current subscriptions and the respective pricing. The subscriptions can be classified into personal and business.

  • Add new subscriptions manually with name, category (entertainment, etc.), duration (monthly, etc.), price, renewal dates, and reminder dates.

  • Always stay on top of your finances with monthly expense predictions that are based on your ongoing subscriptions.

  • Chronologically arranged payments keep you updated on upcoming payments. So, you’re always aware of priority subscriptions.

More Features to
Keep you Organized

We’ve stacked up some more brilliant features that make subscription tracking a seamless experience. Have a look!.

  • The calendar view neatly maps out everything and helps you determine the subscriptions on a monthly, weekly, and daily basis.

  • Select your preferred country and currency to easily determine your expenses and budget without any hindrance.

  • Share the account with multiple users or your team to collectively keep track of subscriptions with minimal effort.

  • Multiple subscriptions can be added in bulk with an Excel sheet. These will be automatically updated to the dashboard.

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  • 25 Subcriptions
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  • 100 Subcriptions
  • Two Reminders
  • Personal & Business
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  • Unlimited Subcriptions
  • Multiple Reminders
  • Personal & Business
  • Projected Expenses

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have more than 10 or 20 subscriptions, then adding them manually might take forever. With Smarty Pays , you can upload an excel sheet with all your subscription details. They will automatically get updated to your dashboard.

In the Add Subscription option, you will be able to add reminders. You can choose to receive reminders 1 day or even 1 month ahead of the subscription renewal date, it’s up to you. You can also select the number of reminders you require for each subscription.

On the right side of the dashboard, your upcoming payments are displayed in chronological order right below your expected monthly expenses. This will help you stay organized and aware.

There are different pricing plans to suit your needs. Based on each plan, there are limits to the number of subscriptions you can add. But if you choose the Enterprise plan, you can add an unlimited number of subscriptions!